More than it looks

On normal weekdays there isn't any bus going up to the Klöntal valley as early as I required. So I decided to start the tour farther to the north at the Wägital damwall and to end it in Braunwald just about 32km to the south. Height gain was 1800m and height loss about 1500m.

I had expected myself to finish within 7 hours. Although completing after 6 hours and 50 minutes it was harder than expected. The main problems were exhaustion from choosing the wrong food and eating nearly all of it in the wrong moment. Eaten even in big quantities grapes just don't supply the required energy and are too hard to digest. Question remains how speed decrease would have developed if nourishment would have been just right. We'll see next time. It's a good training route after all.

The route led from the damwall of Wägital to Richisau (Klöntal) via Schwialppass and from Richisau via Chäseren and Bärentritt to Braunwald.


Photo set coming up...