Haute Corse

Once again we visited Corsica! While in 2012 Corse du Sud had been our main topic this time it was all about the northern part: Haute Corse. Especially we had hoped to see the most northern part, around and north of Bastia.

Our round trip started in Algajola a little north of Calvi. This is a small village mostly consisting of hotels and restaurants. A nice place to stay for bathing and letting go. However, we would continue to Canari where we booked a room in a tiny Auberge with the name "le chat qui pêche". We enjoyed every evening a stunning sunset while granting ourselves a good glass of cold white wine followed by an excellent dinner.

In the days that followed we did day trips around the "Corsican Finger" and to Bastia. While Bastia was a bit disappointing for the remaining days we had been accompanied by gale winds. These days were not the most comfortable but nothing out of the extraordinary, as a few Corsicans assured us. Anyway, we chose not to venture around too much under such conditions. Instead we visited twice the picturesque town of Nonza and stayed there for reading books.

The next halt was in St. Florent. There, we nearly missed the July 14 fireworks. They had announced them for at 11 in the evening. In fact the fireworks went off just before midnight. St Florent is definitely worth a visit. For all wine lovers Patrimonio is not far away. Paragliding is possible there, and, if the weather is normal, it's long beach in the south is just attractive.
Walkers will like the place as to the west there is a nature reserve.

So far, the northern part had been good but not fantastic. That should change in the days to come.

From St. Florent we took the mountain roads to Calacuccia, south of Monte Cinto, the highest mountain on Corsica. Our path was via Oletta, Murato, Lento,  then down on the D47 and via Castiliogne to Calacuccia. It became obvious why Corsica is the walkers' and bikers' love. Though only driving a cabrio we loved it as much.

The last few days we spent at the beach in Porto not far away from Calacuccia. We liked that place already in 2012 so why not stay there for a while once more?

We say once more: Au revoir Corse, île de beauté!