Cradle of Civilisation

The Jordan tour started and ended in Amman. We visited Madaba, Mount Nebo, Al Kerak, Shobak, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqaba for snorkeling, Humayma, Lot's Cave, the Dead Sea, Jerash or Gerasa and Castle Ajloun.

Jordan has been the trip of contrasts.

Leaving spring at home we found snow and 2° celcius in Shobak, saw nothing of the Dana reserve due to heavy fog, experienced little rain in Wadi Rum with flowers blooming the next morning, enjoying 37° celcius at the Dead Sea just to fall back to 15 back in Amman.

We had passed approximately 20 military and police checkpoints nearly every one of them welcoming us heartily in Jordan and asking how we were and whether we were happy. That should happen to us at home!

We travelled through time by more than 50000 years. In the Amman Citadel museum we saw stone age exhibits, the citadel itself is ancient, in Petra, Humayma and Jerash the same situation. Lot's Cave is from the early bronze age (5000 BC). Exhibits younger than 500 years seem not to be of particular interest.

Wadi Rum was an empty place giving us on the back of camels a chance to relax from the daily stress of our modern society. The peace and quiet were very welcome.

The impressions in Jordan where overwhelming. We have no other choice than to come again!